Discretion is paramount.

Once we have an agreed target or target list, we will usually be retained to make the initial communication.

Our style and approach have been consistent for the past 25 years +.  We value and respect the confidentiality of our client, the potential target and all key stakeholders (pre and post-deal); hence, in all forms of communications, discretion is paramount.

We seek the most confidential route to engage.

We will assess which is the most confidential route to engage with the key shareholders and then reach out in a suitable and respectful manner; we understand matters of this level of sensitivity are best kept outside of the business and workforce environment.  Hence, given our experience and standing in the M&A industry we have a number of measures and techniques which we use to open up dialogue in a manner which conveys our client’s sincerity and commitment to the approach.

Our clients are represented in the best professional manner.

Again we consider this phase to be an Art over Science.  Given the nature of the subject and the individual style of entrepreneurs, we do not apply a single methodology of approach, instead relying on our judgement, with the principle that first impressions count. We aim to evidence our respect and commitment early in the dialogue to ensure, even if the enquiry does not progress, that Azoria and our clients are represented in the best professional manner.

Once communications have been established and interest progressed, it is usually then our task to manage expectations/timetables etc and collate sufficient information to support a considered offer to be submitted.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a unique insight into each phase in the process.

By some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Outstanding proven track record.

With over 150 transactions to date.

Tenacity and confidentiality in equal measure.

We navigate the process with integrity and passion to secure the best outcome for you.