Continually and exclusively active in corporate finance.

Our Directors and Consultants are continually and exclusively active in this industry and are therefore up to date with current M&A deals and market trends. We are not a firm that offers Corporate Finance alongside a number of other ‘commodity’ services – in our view, Corporate Finance is a full-time profession which provides return and results from dedication and is best achieved without the distraction of other accountancy or compliance services.

With regards to Business valuation, we are aware that these will change over time due to a combination of items and events specific to the target company and the wider industry and financial marketplace.

‘Real world’ business valuations.

Given our long-standing track record of deal completions, we are able to provide ‘real world’ opinions as regards business valuations and funding/financial returns on investment, rather than the ‘generic’ multiple valuation approach that is often reported by sell-side advisors.

We recognise that each transaction is unique to both buyer and seller and that the valuation is driven by future opportunities as well as historic performance.

Clear and substantiated opinions.

Our objective and priority is to provide clear and substantiated opinions on valuation to ensure that any offers submitted are deliverable and will be supported by all key stakeholders, including funders and shareholders.


Why Choose Us?

We provide a unique insight into each phase in the process.

By some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

Outstanding proven track record.

With over 150 transactions to date.

Tenacity and confidentiality in equal measure.

We navigate the process with integrity and passion to secure the best outcome for you.